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MFS - Munkees vs Shandies, The Glebe, 11th September 2015

The final day and the Munkees have it all to do today in order to claim victory.  The night at the Longshoot was quiz night and one team named themselves, "Munkees Nil"... that was a Shandie team.  There was plenty of cheating going on with google and shazam but hey we'll ignore that.  The highlight of the night was definitely the quiz masters version of Bruce's Play Your Cards Right.  Poor guy had to content with very loud cries of "higher", "lower" and "you get nothing for a pair in this game"! Those leaving after the quiz were all given a warm, "Good byyyyeeee" by the lads! Again, Pool 1 was were most wanted to draw and weights yesterday on the other pools were still down. The Draw I drew for Sconey and managed to bag him a peg on Pool 1.  My home for the day would be pool 4, peg 73 which saw a low weight of 30lb yesterday.  My Shandie match up was with Andy Day.  It would be a tough ask but I'd give it my best s

MFS - Munkees vs Shandies, The Glebe, 10th September 2015

Day 2 and a few sore heads after a long night at the Longshoot.  Pool 1 had fished very well yesterday with all but one angler getting a 100lb plus net.  Weights on the other pools were well down  with some top anglers catching low weights from know good pegs. Again, Sconey had the draw all ready and today would be the 2 vs 2 round.  Paired with Sconey against the ever lovable Pikey and Hathers. The Draw As expected everyone wanted to draw on Pool 1.  I drew for our 4 pegs and we were all really pleased to see Pool 1 on our peg numbers.  I was very pleased to be on Peg 12, the peg next to my previous days fishing. Set-Up The feeder rod was still clipped up and the right distance.  I decided to also set-up a bomb rod for bomb and pellet as Chris Martin caught well on it yesterday.  Again, 5 metre line and a lovely looking margin line to my right. All-In Taking a learning from yesterday and Neil's (NS69) great start from the 5 metre line.  I started there and bagged a fe

MFS - Munkees vs Shandies, The Glebe, 9th September 2015

It was with great excitement when the alarm went off at 6am that is was time for the Munkees vs Shandies at the Glebe in Peckleton.  The journey up the M1 was a pain especially the 50mph "average" tax, sorry speed scamera's.  It was great to see so many of the lads at the draw and the competitive spirit was alive and well with plenty of banter. Calum had baked another Munkees / Shandies MFS carrot cake... top job matey! The Draw Sconey ran through the draw, already organised all the pegs with an 'M' on for Munkees and an 'S' on for Shandies... simples!  Today would be a 4 vs 4, section of 8 competition. The envelope that we drew was for Pool 1 and Peg 11 would be my home.  My neighbours for the day Neil and Chris Martin so there would be plenty of banter. Set-Up My match plan was going to be keeping it simple revolving around the 5 metre line, margin and feeder. The bait list was a little long but to cover the options.  Sweetcorn, hemp, dead