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MFS - Glebe Pairs, 7th June 2014

The friday night at the Longshoot was a long night!  Even more people looking quite tired at breakfast the next day. Another big breakfast was required and it was off to the Glebe for the final day of the pairs. Heading back to the fishery and my car now full of groundbait would have another small disaster... I almost missed the turn into the Glebe and put the brakes on a little bit too hard.  Result....???  Yep, you guessed it, the groundbait bucket came flying towards me and now covered the front of the car... there was grounbait everywhere, in the back, the front, all over the centre console, in the air vents, on the dashboard, all over me, the seat, everywhere!!!! This wasn't the worst of the mess! Of course my groundbait incident was the source of much amusement to the lads!  It's Audi's new grounndbait interior, Krill special! There were many people late for the draw that day, again I'll mention no names.... you know who you are... The Draw Today

MFS - Glebe Pairs, 6th June 2014

Two days of fishing with 60 of the Match Fishing Scene lads, what a way to spend two days!  I arrived on the Thursday night at the infamous Longshoot, a quick pint with Sconey, Red Army, Neilo, Pete Bailey and the other lads before grabbing a taxi to a curry house near the Glebe to see "Mr Dwarf", "Mr Thin", Steve 50/50 ('cause I can never make up my mind) and Neil (please Katie, stop calling me for baby making duties). A great night was had by all, most notably myself and Pete Bailey, er, discussing, not arguing about which Range Rover (Sport or Full fat) or Audi gets the most fishing gear in!  With great food and plenty of wine the hanger was going to hurt the next day especially once we got back to the Longshoot we ended up back in the bar... The next morning arrived and there were a couple of people still in their beds, mentioning no names eh Pete ;-)  A Longshoot breakfast, copious amounts of toast and coffee and off to the fishery. It was great to