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MFS - Willinghurst, Lake John, 11th December 2011

Pikey, aka Dave Pearson had orgainsed a Match Fishing Scene Champion League match at Willinghurst on John's Lake.  As I was free at the weekend, I thought why not and put my name down for the match.  Pikey has a great blog which can be found here .  It will be interesting to read his version of events. The journey from West London to Willinghurst was around 35 miles, the temperature in the car was a warm 24 degrees C whilst outside it was a chilly 3 degrees C.  I arrived close to the fishery at 8am, the draw was 9:30am so plenty of time... it then took me another 30 minutes to find the place! I met up with most of the lads in the canteen and tucked into a Willinghurst breakfast, at £5 it was a welcome sight and also reasonably large! The craic started with Mick the Bookie, Pikey, Malcolm, Carl and Milo... it's always the same great laughs with all the MFS get togethers and great to meet more members of the site.  As everyone had gathered by 9:15, e

Lawn Farm Fisheries, Elsworth, 4th December 2011

Mark is now 5 points down, it's all to fish for today, either bring the gap back to 4 or I extend my lead to 6 points, the pressure is on Mr Keightly today! One thing we learnt today was late going clubbing and fishing really don't mix.  We arrived at Lawn Farm Fishery at 9am both nursing a bit of a hangover. Mark's mum had kindly made us some "man" sandwiches with ham and pickle... perfect to help the hangover. We were going to fish at Manor Farm Fishery in Biggleswade, but decided on a venue change as the winter sport at Lawn Farm is normally hectic as we experienced in a freezing cold february . The larger lake, Willow was to be our lake for the day.  Mark selected his swim, open water and access to the island.  I picked the swim to his right which only gave me open water, but two spare swims on my right.  We fished with the wind at our backs and the temperature was 8 degree C. The Set-Up I set up a waggler and method rod.  Plan with the waggler

Rookery Waters, Pidley, Cambridgeshire, 3rd December 2011

Mark at Peg 8 on Magpie Up to Cambridge for the weekend to resume the mini competition between Mark and myself .  Venue choice today was Rookery Waters in Pidley and Magpie lake , Mark's home waters. The temperature reading was 12 degrees C, winter conditions calling for winter tactics, so we would have to be patient for bites. Mark selected peg 8 which had a short cast to the island and reeds in front of him. I chose Peg 9 to his left and had the left edge of the island and an over hanging tree and plenty of open deeper water, also the sun was on this side, so a little warming from the sun couldn't harm.  I felt that the fish would be in the deeper water given the temperature. It was also slightly tactical as the peg to the right of Mark, peg 7, didn't have much of a feature to cast to.  My peg would eliminate Mark having a larger area to cast too... it is a competition after all ;-) The Set-up My home for the day, Peg 9 Both of us were set up in no tim