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MFS - Tunnel Barn Farm, 21st September 2014 with MAP

A surprise text message from Herbie on Friday night just before I was heading out for the night and a quick call to Colin (BNF) I found out that I was invited to the MAP Day out at Tunnel Barn Farm match with Andy May and Tony Curd.  I jumped at the chance especially as the day before I was fishing there with Paul Holland. Another early start from London, but this time with no traffic issues that I had the previous day.  On arrival Colin was there with a couple of the lads.  Herbie kindly got my breakfast in, thanks Pops! ;-) Today we would be on the New Pool which was behind Extension Pool that I had fished on Saturday. The Draw We everyone gathered it was a quick and simple draw.  My peg for the day was 35 which was on the corner with Herbie and Craig for neighbours. The Set-Up No rods with me today, so I set up three lines, 2 of which would compliment each other. Shallow rig on top 2 + 2 Full depth rig on top 2 + 2 Rig for the far bank on the top shelf Bait was rea

MFS - Tunnel Barn Farm, 20th September 2015 with Paul Holland

Winning a Match Fishing Scene competition where you get a day out with a fishing star it really doesn't get any better...  So I was over the moon when I found out that I had won a day with Paul Holland.  I'd be sharing the day with Neil Dudsbury. I have to start with thanking Neil as he did all the leg work with Paul to organise the day.  We selected a venue that was midway between Derby and London.  After discussing what we wanted to target we decided on paste and margin fishing. My day didn't get off to the best of starts as I headed up the M40 towards Tunnel Barn Farm and a tasty breakfast... The traffic simply stopped and my satnav flashed up that the M40 was closed!  Problem was, I was on it and not moving anywhere! 30 minutes later I was on the move again and I arrived at Tunnel Barn at 9am to meet Paul and Neil who had finished their breakfast by this time... We had a quick chat with Les who runs the tackle shop at Tunnel Barn Farm and grabbed a bag of 4m

Kingsland Reservoir, Coates, 14th September 2014

After 3 days at the Glebe, may as well make it 4 and I was closer to Cambridge than I was to London, so it was prudent to catch up with my old mate Mark to continue the battle for 2014 honours, maybe having a hot curry the night before wasn't the best idea... We decided to fish at Kingsland Reservoir again.  The lure of large carp was just too tempting.  We arrived early and managed to grab two swims together on the big lake.  A club was also fishing the big lake, so we were keen to stay out of the way. Mark chose a peg with a method feeder chuck to the aerator and I took the one to his right, one peg away from the nearest corner as you get to the lake. The Set-Up After 3 days at the Glebe I had plenty of sweetcorn left over, so decided to fish the following lines: 5 metre line Margin line Method Feeder, just in case Surprisingly bait was sweetcorn, hemp, left over casters, worms and some expander pellets as a change of hook bait.  A simple set up. The All-In We

MFS - Munkees vs Shandies, The Glebe, 13th September 2014

Elvis Presley lives!  Well he did visit the Longshoot last night.  I've never seen the place so packed.  Together with the XXL burger it was a quiet'ish night.  I was knackered and headed to bed well before the rest of the lads, some of which where up until the small hours. Arriving at the fishery it was clear who had been out on a big night.  The final day and the scores between the Munkees and the Shandies was all tied.  24 points on offer today and it was one Munkee verses one Shandy a head to head battle, who would I be fishing against and where would I draw? The Draw Pool 1 for the third day running, this time Peg 24.  One down from my day 1 draw and the Shandy I was up against?  My old mate Steve 50-50, so time for another £2 bet. The Set-Up After seeing yesterday fish were being caught shallow I decided to change my match plan.  I set up the following: Feeder rod which would double as a bomb and pellet line 13 metre shallow 13 metre at full depth 5 metre l

MFS - Munkees vs Shandies, The Glebe, 12th September 2014

Roy's Kitchen window and chickens were in trouble today! Considering we didn’t get to bed late I felt surprisingly good this morning and met Sconey, Big Ron and Dave Swain for breakfast. A late draw certainly helped! Thanks Sconey… All the lads had gathered in the Marquee and today would be the pairs. Sconey and Myself were recreating the epic battle we had with Hathers and Pikey last year. That ended in a halved point, what would be the result this year. My confidence was high. The Draw We drew on Pool 1 again, pegs, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Peg 6 would be my home for the day. It looked like the ideal feeder peg with boards across between two clumps of reeds. The Set-Up The feeder rod was the first to come out of the bag. I also set up the 5 metre and the margin to my left. Bait again, casters, micros, dead reds, worms, corn and hemp. The All-In Straight across on the feeder, but my cast was a little out. The wind was up but I could adjust for that. After 6 casts

MFS - Munkees vs Shandies, The Glebe, 11th September 2014

Finally, the Northern Munkees vs the Southern Shandies… I had a great 3 days last year with the lads and this has become part of my “must attend” events. The Glebe, a great venue. I arrived just after 8:30am after some rubbish traffic on the M1 and getting stuck behind a tractor on the run into the Glebe. Most of the lads were at the Glebe and the banter started. It’s a great event organised and run by Sconey. The Draw In the section today was, Shogun (Munkee who was fishing for the Shandies), Dum Dum (Adam), Steve 50-50, George T, Iansi, Kenfish and Sconey. Peg 25 on Pool 1 was my home for the day. The Set-Up Remembering the advice from Andy Kindy, which was to set up the lines you think will catch you the most fish I opted for the feeder rod and 5 metre line. I had a good selection of bait, casters, micro’s, sweetcorn, dead reads, hemp and worms for a change of hookbait. The All-In I had a plan and it revolved around the feeder across and the 5 metre line, althou