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MFS - How End Fishery, 9th June 2013

After a very heavy weekend out with friends in St James Park and then in Clapham I managed to drag my butt out of bed at 6am to get ready for a day at Phil and Tarnya's place, How End Fishery in Bedfordshire organise by Colbrad from Matchfishing Scene.  Col had put extra effort in to ensure there were enough anglers competing that it would count towards MFS Champions League points!  So a big thanks to Col and the lads who came from further afield (Mark and Ruddy). Gathering round in Peb's tackle shop, we were all buying out bait, odds and sods and then there was RuddyRoach (Steve) who apparently calls Phil when he breaks tackle which he has been doing quite a lot latey!  So Ruddy turns up with a top kit that had "smashed" on him at the Glebe in the MFS Glebe pairs event...  There were at 5 pieces of carbon taped together with elastic, pulla bung and connector just dangling in the carbon wreckage.  He is a funny bloke Ruddy and he was wearing his lucky jumper... you

Gold Valley - Open Match, 2nd June 2013

After returning to London to live and work there was one place I was itching to get back too, Gold Valley, home of Will Raison, former England World Champion.  I felt a bit of a "Billy no mates" as it had been a while since I had fished an Open Match and there were plenty of faces I didn't recognise.  That was soon to change when Pat Pritchard came up and said, "hello Lewy".  Great to see him and then the other lads, John Rhodes and Steve from Talk Angling.  Thanks lads. The Draw The regulars tend to know when the draw is about to take place, generally when they hear the pegs going into the cup ;-)  This is the time when the line kind of forms up... I grab the first peg from the cup and out came number 39.  So I would be on Gold rather than middle lake. The Set-Up Arriving at Peg 39 I thought to myself, "I've been here before..." and I had, back in January 2012 .  Peg 39 is on the bank between Gold and Middle Lake and has an island at about 1