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Badshot Lea Little Pond, 11th July 2019

A day out with Nathan and his dad, John and an opportunity to fish Badshot Lea Little Pond in a mini competition between the three of us. The Draw Well, not so much as a draw as a selection... we decided to be social and fish three swims next to each other, Nathan had the first choice and went for Peg 10, John, Peg 11 and I took Peg 9. Set-up I had decided while packing the car that I would leave the pole at home and fish rods only.  In the bag was a waggler rod and two tip rods, one for standard swim feeder / bomb tactics and the other with a method set-up. I set-up the waggler to fish around 16 metres and standard feeder rod clipped up to a third the way over the swim. Bait was dead maggot, caster, assorted hard pellet and ground bait. All-In Two lines of attack would be adopted, the waggler line and the feeder... really simple fishing. The waggler line was fed with six balls of groundbait laced with some casters and dead maggots which I would leave for a couple of h

Specimen - Johnsons Lake, 1st July 2019

My new PB Crucian Carp at 3lb 4oz Something a little bit different and an opportunity to branch out into another area that fishing offers.  Time to target some specimen fish, not just large carping but an opportunity to get some personal bests on the board and target specific types of fish. The first challenge I wanted was to target large tench and large Crucian Carp.  I'm into my second year as a member of Godalming Angling Society  and they are blessed with Enton Lake at Milford, a former trout fishery that they purchased in 1984/5. The lake was renamed Johnson's Enton Lake in honour of the fishery management secretary at the time, Alf Johnson, who was the driving force behind buying this water. Alf died in 2001 and the lake was renamed as simply Johnson's Lake in his honour. His ashes are scattered there beneath a willow tree planted by his family. Johnsons Lake is where the current British record Crucian Carp lives, banked in 2015 at 4lb 10oz.  What a better