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GAS - Sumners Match Lake, 27th January 2019

I joined Godalming Angling Society at Sumners Match Lake near Horsham today. Twenty anglers arrived to quite a cold and windy day. Today's match counted both carp and silvers however there was also a silvers pool, draw depend would shape my day, I aslo wanted to use the day as further silvers practise for Ricky Baxters Silvers League. The Draw Permanent Peg 4 in the bowl was my chosen peg for the day, which was also the end peg. I'd fished the bowl previously so I was definitely starting to think that my carp match was not going to happen. Set-up I grabbed a feeder rod that was setup with a modified method feeder and some pole elastic to carry a PVA bag of pellets and a white wafter for the carp. Pole Lines where: 3 metre whip 12 metre line 5 metre margin line Bait was very simple, casters, maggots together with some groundbait just in case the carp or even larger skimmers moved in. All-In I had to start the match and try to find a carp, so the feeder r

Sumners Match Lake - Rick's Silvers Series, 13th January 2019

Rick Baxter announced a three match silvers series at Sumners Match Lake spread across January, February and March. With a great bunch of lads and just down the road it was too good to resist particularly as it would make great practise and preparation for Stafford Moor silvers at the end of Feb. The Draw Temporary peg 20, the first peg on the right hand side from the car park, right next to the "wedding platform". Set-up After getting some tips from Hathers and with the wind blowing straight into my face I set up the following: 3 metre whip 6 metre pole lines to my right and into the margin Bait was very simple, maggots, casters and a small amount of worm.  No ground bait mixed at all. All-In The plan was to exploit the whip line for the first hour and then to strategically take silvers from the margin and 6 metre lines.  It didn't quite work that way. The wind in the face was a pain but I soon got into a rhythm with the short whip and before long