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FAS - Badshot Lea Little Pond, 25th November 2018

The weather is starting to close in for winter with the temperatures starting to drop and the sky constantly grey with a fin mist spray soaking everything that is outside. It would be back to Badshot Lea Little Pond for todays match with the Farnham Angling Society. The Draw It was decided that we would fish the shallow end of the lake on both sides rather than taking a full bank, so pegging would be from peg 17 on the near side bank and 23 on the far side bank where it is between three and four foot in depth. Peg 17 would be my home for the day and also an end peg! Set-Up  I had a chat with Eddie regarding the pole line, he mentioned it was pretty shallow at my end of the lake so with that bit of advice and looking at the peg I decided to keep the pole in the bag and break out the rods. Feeder rod for fishing a drennan method bomb to fish a PVA bag Feeder rod set up with a traditional running open ended feeder Waggler rod to fish the pole line Bait menu today dead

FAS - Lodge Pond, 18th November 2018

A beautiful autumn day with blue skies and a slight breeze greeted us all today at the very picturesque Lodge Pond today with Farnham Angling Society. The Draw With nine anglers it was decided to once again split the section between the two banks, five on the closer bank and four on the far bank. I was hoping to grab a peg on the far bank as I hadn't fished that bank yet. Instead, peg 1 came out, which is probably the best peg on the near bank! Set-Up The rods were an obvious choice and infact I had planned to fish the t-bag given the colder conditions. So I had two rods out, a bomb rod, that could be swapped to a small cage feeder if required and another rod with a mini hybrid feeder. I was considering a pole line for the margin and I had come armed with an appropriate elastic today unlike my last visit! I decided against the pole line and I would use either of the feeder rods to check out the margins if I needed too. Bait consisted of some dead maggots, a pint

FAS - Kings Pond, 11th November 2018

Sunday's match at another new venue to me, Kings Pond between Badshot Lea big and little ponds. Sunday was almost a washout for me, literally. The weather on Saturday night was horrendous. Sunday morning greeted me with a semi flooded back garden, with our neighbours garden looking like a swimming pool so I sent a text to the match organiser saying I was going to give today a miss. I can hear the calls of fair weather fisherman now! I grabbed a coffee and the rain stopped. A quick check on the weather app and it was predicting a beautiful sunny day, so I finished loading the car and called Richard, our MO to tell him I was on my way. I turned up at the fishery, a car park that I'd not been to before 5 minutes late for the draw however everyone had waited for me. Thanks guys! The Draw Peg 12 with Tommy as one of my neighbours, again! The other side of me, Richard. With the exception of the end pegs to my right, all the pegs looked pretty even in that they ha

FAS - Badshot Lea Little Pond, 4th November 2018

Back to Badshot Lea Little Pond for today's Farnham Angling Society match. The day after all the firework display's and the weather wasn't too cold although it didn't know whether or not it wanted to rain or not. The water still had some colour in it although the margins where pretty clear. It was going to be a day of negative fishing to try and winkle out some of the better bream in the lake. The Draw Peg 36, so the only area I have fished on the small pond having drawn up here every time.  The lads mentioned that the pegs further down are the better ones and we did have a debate whether or not to drawn on both sides of the lake at the far end. Neighbour again would be Tommy! Set-up Feeder rod with a small Drennan cage feeder on and the following pole lines: 14.5 metres at 11 and 1 o'clock Margin line to my right Bait for the day, casters for going through the feeder and loose feeding over the pole lines, dead red maggots together with micro an