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Maggotdrowners - Lindholme Lakes, 16th May 2014

The final day of the festival and I needed a good result to beat my previous years position on the festival.  My weights were down this year which wouldn't help.  We would be back on Bonzai today, the British summer has really settled in and it was looking like being a scorching day! The Draw An earlier draw today with an earlier finish to allow those travelling to get home.  Peg 17 would be my home today, almost next to the road out of lindholme! The Set-Up I had an island chuck for the method feeder, as the island was a little over 16 metres away.  The right hand margin was very tempting with plenty of fish activity so that would be a target, I also put in a 5 metre line that would be fished with meat or corn. The All-In Potting in on the 5 metre line and priming the right hand margin it was straight onto the method feeder tight to the island.  I took 5 fish with the first 5 casts.  The day was looking good!  Next cast was a "squirrel" cast, straight in the t

Maggotdrowners - Lindholme Lakes, 15th May 2014

A beautiful day awaited the whole of the field, blue skies, sunshine, but very little wind, which of course meant no ripple on the water. Today we would be on Laurels. The Draw Peg 69 was going to be my home for the day. This is the second peg from the white gate, near where the aerator used to be. The Set-Up On my right I had a reasonable margin swim, but there was a lot of scum on the water. The old aerator spike was moving with fish around it so this was an area I would target with the bomb and waggler. More out of the bag today: Top 2 + 2 Margin on the right  13 metre in open water straight ahead, full depth and shallow Waggler rod Bomb Rod Bait options were sweetcorn, luncheon meat, worms, 4 & 6mm expanders with 6mm feed pellets and I mixed some groundbait to pot in on the margin lines. The All-In 13 metre line potted with a cup full of luncheon meat to try and get the fish on the bottom. The margin was also potted with some loose groundbait and lunche

Maggotdrowners - Lindholme Lakes, 14th May 2014

The big bash was also on a Lindholme today so we would all fit on Oasis, both out of the way of the masses and also able to park our cars behind our pegs for a simple unpack. The Draw I pulled out peg 35 which was a corner peg, very favourable area. The previous festival I was on the other corner so I had an idea of how to attack the peg. I was in a tough section with Lee and Jimmy, both who had perfect scores in the festival up to today. The Set-Up It was going to be 16 metres on the pole today to reach the far bank and the method feeder to reach the corner. I set up the following lines: 16 metres to the far bank on my right  16 metres under a tree to my left  7 metres straight ahead  Top 2 keep net line  Method Feeder to the far bank straight ahead Bait was as the previous days, sweetcorn, 8mm luncheon meat, maggot, worm, micro pellets and groundbait. The All-In Potting in on 7 metre line with some luncheon meat and then across to the far bank with sweetcorn whi