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FAL - Lake John, 2 Dayer, 23rd September 2017

Day 2 of the festival.  A great night out with some of the lads in Epping at a fantastic Turkish restaurant where the food came in absolute abundance which wasn't helped by Simon pilling more and more food onto my plate! For a change heads were reasonably clear and we arrived to a beautiful overcast day at the fishery.  Section winners yesterday were Stephen Daniels, Chris Vandervleit, Andy Gregory and Paul Law so these lads would be wanting a great draw and to be in a section preferably without the others! The Draw Once again Chris let me draw for him, mainly as he was holding the bag with the pegs in them.  Out came peg 36, something which he was very happy about! My draw, I'd be on Peg 7, again on the right hand bank although with a great margin line clear of other anglers to my left.  Colin Bartlett, fishery owner drew peg 8 next to me.  Now there is a rule that if you draw next to Colin it's a fiver, not the normal pound so we I had to do well. Set-up A sim

FAL - Lake John, 2 Dayer, 22nd September 2017

Following the success of last years two day event at Lake John in Waltham Abbey, Carl had secured the venue again so it was definitely a not to be missed event.  Everyone gathered at the cafe for some breakfast however with one exception, Hathers.  Unlucky for Hathers he had got stuck behind an accident on the M25, one which shut the motorway for a couple of hours and to top it all he was one of the first cars behind the rolling roadblock put in place while they cleared everything up. Pemb Writing and Matt Godfrey were also in the cafe to do some filming for Guru on the small lake.  That is definitely on of the things about angling, you mix with the sports superstars in a way unlike the sports. The Draw Chris Vandervleit asked me to draw for him top which he ended up with Peg 2, which by the reaction of the other anglers wasn't the best draw in the world but we all know that Chris is a top angler and that the results would speak for themselves. My draw, I ended up with Peg

MFS - Moss Farm Fisheries, Manchester, 16 September 2017

A trip to Manchester to see all the North West lads and another new fishery to try out.  Jim Manc had organised a small match at Moss Farm Fisheries in Irlam, Manchester.  Now the journey from London would have been quite a long one so I decided to travel up on the friday and join some of the lads for a curry in Media City. Friday isn't the best day to be travelling and so it took me a long 5 hours to trek up from the countries capital however a great night was assured and to top that Herbie had organised some top accommodation for us both!  Cheers Herbie. The next morning we all gathered at the fishery were we where treated to a great breakfast although I didn't go the whole hog as I was pretty full from the night before! The Draw Today we were on Madison's lake, yes it sounded like a nightclub from Middlesbrough to me however all the lakes were named after ladies.  The fancied draws were most definitely the corner pegs.  I was lucky enough to be first to draw and

MFS - Munkees vs Shandies, The Glebe, 9th September 2017

The Munkees were ahead of the Shandies and we only needed a few wins to get the overall result for the northern contingent.  The previous night we were "treated" to a bit of Twisted Biscuit, Sconey's band.  What a great nights entertainment however there was one gentleman who didn't really appreciate the music and was seen with napkins stuffed in his ears.  I missed the opportunity to grab a photograph. The Draw I certainly didn't want Pool 4 despite yesterdays great result.  I was more than happy when Pool 1, Peg 2 came out of the bag however, I had Peg 1 to beat which was fishing very well! Set-up Peg 2 is a know feeder peg and the far bank had been cleared as the gap between the reeds was pretty clear to see however it would take some good casting to plop it in the right area.  As yesterday I decided to set up the feeder rod, bomb and pellet (just in case), a 5 metre pole line and I had a pretty good margin to my right hand side underneath a tree. All

MFS - Munkees vs Shandies, The Glebe, 8th September 2017

The annual Munkees vs Shandies at the Glebe which is a 3 day event organised by Sconey is another highlight of the the angling year.  I had missed Day 1 due to work commitments however Yidcarper (Ian) kindly took my place. The event over 3 days is fished as follows, Day 1 - Teams of 4v4, Day 2 - Teams of 2v2 and Day 3 is 1v1.  Points are allocated for the team each day which group is victorious across those days rolling up to the final Munkees vs Shandies team scores. The Draw Everyone at the draw didn't want Pool 4 as it wasn't fishing that well, even Pete Bailey had a nightmare on it the previous day with only 25lb of fish... this wasn't going to be the end of Pete's Pool 4 adventure either. I was the first to draw and had the choice of all the envelopes on the table.  The lads were all chanting, "Pool4, Pool 4...".  Opening the envelope I had took my folded up peg and opened it.  Pool 4, Peg 75! Hathers had predicted it as I've been on this p

MFS Matchwinners Final - Barston Lakes, Solihull, 26th August 2017

Matchfishing Scene organise a match for all the match winners during the Champion League season and I was lucky enough to win two matches this year and earn a spot of this match.  The match had been organised for the fantastic Barston Lakes near East Midlands Airport. The Draw Peg 46 for me.  I'd been in this area before.  On arrival at the peg it was a very tight home for the day.  The box needed to go in the water to give me some room. Set-Up The pole line was going to be difficult as I would have to ship the pole along the bank due to the number of walkers, runner and cyclists that go past you. Today I felt would be more of a rod and line affair, the following were set-up: Long range hybrid feeder Pellet Waggler Bomb rod Method rod for going over the 14 metre pole line Pole lines were set at: Top 2 and two sections 14 metres straight ahead  14 metres to the left hand margin Bait was pretty simple.  Sweetcorn, some worms for the margin line, dead reds an