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Bury Hill Fisheries, 26th September 2019

A text message from Hathers asking whether I could fish the Wednesday OBH Lovers match for Big Si.  Not a problem, bait sorted, long ranger feeder rods sorted and I was ready to visit one of my favourite venues, Old Bury Hill in Dorking with the "knobs". Todays weather was miserable, rain and wind however the rain as predicted to stop around 10am so maybe it could be a great day for the bream. The Draw Peg 1, one of the favoured pegs came out of the bag for me.  Normally Big Si draws this peg and he has on most occasions however a few weeks ago it didn't produce for him with Pegs 2 and 3 taking the match win and section first. It does look a beautiful peg however the overhanging tree on the pole line doesn't allow you to get up close and personal with the reeds.  The long chuck across an obvious target. Set-up The pole line at 13-14 metres to target the tree line.  I was surprised at the difference in depth between peg 1 as I grabbed a rig that I had used

Bury Hill Fisheries, 4th September 2019

A late call went out on the OBH Lovers group on Bookface that there was a spare place on the match.  A quick phone call to Hathers and I'd secured the spot fishing as replacement for Steve Parkin. The Draw 8:15am draw, I arrived around 8am to find the front bank parking full. The lads were obviously keen today! Peg 3 for me today. Set-up After watching Greg an Simon casting out a very long way to clip up their rods I followed suit.  After clipping up I marked out the distance on the measuring sticks at 70 metres! I set-up a bomb and pellet rod at this distance that would have a t-bag of pellets with it.  I also set-up a feeder rod at 25 metres, just beyond the pole line. A single pole line at 13-14 metres at the 1 o'clock position to avoid bring fish on the feeder line over it with a light 0.4g rig and heavier 0.8g rig if the wind got up. Bait was pellets, dead maggot and sweetcorn.  Groundbait, F1 Dark. All-In The weather today was screaming Bream!  Overcast