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Sumners Match Lake - Silvers, 28th December 2018

A post Christmas silvers knock up at Sumners Match Lake was posted on friendsbook by Hathers organised by Dave Fifield.  Given I was due to fish a three match series to would provide an ideal opportunity for some practice at the venue beforehand. It was great seeing a lot of the lads, Shedders, Jaapster, Hathers, Pikey, Silvers and Rick to mention a few.  No warm bacon butties lads, not this morning anyway. The Draw Temporary Peg 5 which was on the bowl and I think permanent peg 28.  The first time I've been in this area and of course I had my old mate Shedders as one of my neighbours! Set-up The water was pretty coloured however I've been having some success on the waggler lately so that came out of the bag as well as a feeder rod, just in case. Pole lines were 14.5 metres to my right where I'd fed reasonably heavy for the larger skimmers.  Margin line covering both left and right hand sides. Bait was casters, maggots, worms and dark F1 groundbait. All-In

GAS - Wood Lake, Busbridge, 23rd December 2018

Since moving from London I decided to join to local clubs which basically gives me most of the waters within a 30 minute radius to me.  I've fished quite a few matches with the Farnham guys, time to fish a match with Godalming Angling Society  or "GAS". The stunning Wood Lake Christmas match was in the calendar and a quick email to the Roger, the match secretary and I was on.  Roger emailed back with the latest form from the lake and also advice on what bait to fish and methods.  Thanks Roger, very welcoming email. The Draw Gathering at GAS headquarters to pick up keep net and landing nets I drew peg 31 which is on the right hand bank from the car park.  There would be 23 anglers and once we arrived at the fishery there was very little space in the car park. Set-up Arriving at the peg the water was gin clear, I was also being watched my a demon in the trees... see picture!  Post Note:  This is Cthulhu, see more about him here