Sumners Match Lake - Silvers, 28th December 2018

A post Christmas silvers knock up at Sumners Match Lake was posted on friendsbook by Hathers organised by Dave Fifield.  Given I was due to fish a three match series to would provide an ideal opportunity for some practice at the venue beforehand.

It was great seeing a lot of the lads, Shedders, Jaapster, Hathers, Pikey, Silvers and Rick to mention a few.  No warm bacon butties lads, not this morning anyway.

The Draw
Temporary Peg 5 which was on the bowl and I think permanent peg 28.  The first time I've been in this area and of course I had my old mate Shedders as one of my neighbours!

The water was pretty coloured however I've been having some success on the waggler lately so that came out of the bag as well as a feeder rod, just in case.

Pole lines were 14.5 metres to my right where I'd fed reasonably heavy for the larger skimmers.  Margin line covering both left and right hand sides.

Bait was casters, maggots, worms and dark F1 groundbait.

3 balls of groundbait on my long pole line, this would be a cooker line that I would have a look at in the last hours of the match and onto the waggler line.

Pinging out a double pinch of casters and over casting the line, if no bite, twitching back into the feed area and then if I missed the bite holding the float short and grabbing a fish.  It was certainly working for the first hour and I was almost taking a fish a chuck however the stamp of roach ranged for up to 4oz to silver blades or even worse small stocky carp.

Shedders also started on his short line catching immediately too.

The next hour my waggler line slowed however I stuck it out for another hour before dropping on my right hand margin.  I was certainly gets bites however the fish where pretty small.

It was only when I copied Shedders on my left hand margin that I started to get some better fish including a lovely crucian carp.  I ended up catching my rig on the bush and had to use the landing net to release the rig which knocked my margin line off some what so back out on the waggler for me and a few more carp!

The final hour and the long pole line was starting to fizz so straight over it with a couple of dead red maggots, after 15 minutes of lifting and dropping expecting a large slab the bite came from, yep, a stocky carp!

Ending up in the margin grabbing some more silvers and when the all-out was called I knew that Shedders had bashed my up!

9lb 12oz, last in section and loosing a pound to Shedders... which I'm still yet to pay as I didn't have any quids in the car!

Hero to Zero in one match...

Well I've certainly come crashing down to earth after some great results.  What have been today's learnings... well I'll definitely be setting up a short whip for some speed fishing.  The waggler was a mistake, while I was catching quite well from the off it didn't produce the stamp of fish I needed.  Shedders was getting some great fish in the margins which quickly overtook me.


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