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Fishing for Dummies - Upcoming Review

You never know who is reading your blog...
I was contacted by Wiley Publishing today asking if I would like to review their first fishing book in the "For Dummies" series.
Fishing for Dummies is aimed at the UK Angler and has been adapted by Dominic Garrett.  Dominic has his own website and blog, they can be found here, there are some excellent fishing related photographs on both!
Dominic is an angling writer, blogger, photographer and guide about whom Angling Times recently commented, "Fast becoming one of the most readable angling writers in the business... has that rare ability to convey the magic of the sport".  Dominic has produced over 100 articles on a wide range of fishing.  As a guide and ex-teacher he has always had a special interest in getting newcomers and especially youngsters into the sport.
So, I'm looking forward to a review copy of the book hitting my letterbox and I'll provide my t…

Talk Angling 2012 Individual Series, Billhook Lake, Hampshire, 25thMarch 2012

I entered the Talk Angling 2012 Individual Series via an invite from a fellow MatchFishing Scene member, Nick Roberts, kindly sponsored by Yorkshire Baits.  The first match is at Bowsaw and Billhooks Lakes in Hampshire.

We all met up just off the M3 and we were soon weaving our way through the country side to the fishery.  The satnav would have got me there, but Terry Turnip had a much better route.

The Draw
The usual unorganised line started and I pulled out peg 13, which is the furthest away, but it is an end peg, maybe it would be luck for me today...

The Set-Up
I decided on a method feeder and pole attack, the picture shows the different lines I chose.  Sparky, next to me pointed out the lilly pads near the method line, they were to play a part in my match, but more about that later.
10' Bomb Rod, 6lb Mainline, Method Feeder to the far bank13 metre pole line to the group of reeds on the left13 metre pole line to open water on the right6 metre inside line to the left near a outle…

Gold Valley - Open Match, 21st March 2012

Taking a day off work due to the great weather I decided to fish a Wednesday Open Match at Gold Valley in Aldershot.  There was 11 anglers taking part and we would be fishing on the Canal Bank of Gold.  With so few anglers it was an pleasant start to the day chatting to the lads, many local's so my hopes for any wins looked in doubt from the start, but it's all experience.

The Draw
I pulled out Peg 14 which was to open water thus giving me no islands to target.

The Set-Up
As the weather had been reasonably warm the previous night, there were plenty of options and as such I set up quite a bit of tackle, having the rods made up already saved a lot of time!
13' Waggler Rod, 4lb Mainline with a Drennan Puddlechucker to fish banded pellet at depth10' Bomb Rod, 4lb Mainline with a 2/3 oz bomb to fish banded pellet10' Bomb Rod, 6lb Mainline to fish the Method13 metre pole line4 metre pole line for the margin Bait for the day was fishery 8mm, 6mm and Micropellets, sweetcorn, …

MFS - Wood Lane, Iver, 17th March 2012

Rick Baxter (Happy Dangler) had organised a Match Fishing Scene Champions League match at Wood Lane in Iver on the match lake.

Wood Lane has two lakes on-site.  The Match lake is a rounded triangular shaped lake.  Rick had divided the 21 anglers into three sections of 7.  Each section on a different bank.

Weather for the day was overcast and slightly damp.

The Draw
My draw bag luck hasn't been the best and I pulled out Peg 1, the closest to the carpark but a peg which would be difficult to fish the pellet waggler or bomb rod as pegs 3 and 33 cut off peg 1's access to the centre of the lake.

The Set-Up
I spoke to Andy G on Thursday and he had advised that if I was to draw on the bank in the 30's that I would need some 16' deep pole rigs.  As it happened I had 8' depth at 13-14.5 metres, so I setup the following:
13-14.5 metre pole line directly in frontMargin Pole Line to the right under the overhanging tree10' Bomb Rod - 4lb Mainline13' Waggler Rod - Drennan…

Connor Whipp Charity Match, Sivyer Lake, Twickenham, 11th March 2012

Brian Green, Proper Tidal Boy on Match Fishing Scene had organised a charity match for his nephew, Connor Whipp who has neuroblastoma a form of childhood cancer.  The venue was Sivyers Lake a premier water that is for exclusive use by the Feltham Piscatorials.

But first a little about Connor.  Connor is 4 years old who loves Captain America.  In fact the treatment Connor needs is based in America and family and friends are on a mission to raise £250,000.  Connor's favourite super hero, Captain America is going to help him beat his illness.  If you would like to donate to Connor's appeal, please donate at this website:

The Draw
Arriving at Sivyers Lake we were greated with lovely sunshine and a great looking lake.  The draw would be a "walk off" draw.  Basically, you are drawn a number, this number relates to begin able to walk off and select the pegs of your choice.

Brian had explained the lake and where the hotspots would be…

Gold Valley, Aldershot, 10th March 2012

Mark had come down to London for the weekend so we could fish Gold Valley and also at charity match at Sivyers Lake.

The weather had definately warmed up so we were both looking forward to some Gold Valley Carp.

All lakes were open so we decided to fish pegs 56 & 57 on Gold Lake.

Mark chose the infamous peg 57 where he could cast to the little bay outside the clubhouse steps where the water is deepest.

Andy Gregory and Barry Parker came over to say hello. They were fishing a match on the Basingstoke Canal.

The Set-Up
We had both decided that we would have a day on the rods rather than breaking out the poles.

Bait for the day was soaked micros and groundbait for the method and cage feeder, 8mm pellets, corn and dead red maggots.
Method feeder, 10' bomb rod, 6lb mainlineWaggler, 11'6" Float rod, 4lb mainlineBomb / Small Cage feeder, 10' bomb rod, 6lb mainline, 20" hook length Mark had also set up a method feeder and waggler.

The All-In
I put the method feeder out…

Stafford Moor - Looking Back and Review

Stafford Moor Fishery is a fantastic fishery run by a very helpful owners, Andy and Debbie Seery.
After spending a week at the fishery staying at the what can only be described luxurious lodges I feel that I can give all blog readers an insight into this jewel in Devon.
The Lodges I stayed in Maple Lodge, which is the first lodge on the left as you enter the fishery.  Sharing the lodge with me where two other MatchFishing Scene members, Andy G and Rich H.  As you can see by the picture, the lodges have a wide balcony both on the ground and first floor, the only thing you need to watch out for is slipping in your wet boots.
Either side of the double entry doors are two secure lock up's for tackle and bait which include a freezer and washing machine.  The kitchen is fully appointed and you don't need to bring anything apart from your condiments, tea, coffee, milk, etc.  The downstairs lounge is spatious with a dinning table that can seat 6 people with ease and some of the lodges …

MFS - Stafford Moor - Open Match, 2nd March 2012

Final day fishing at Stafford Moor and Herbie had organised another MFS Champion League match with both a Carp and Silvers Pool, so I was looking forward to getting the rods out and trying to bag some large Stafford Moor Carp.

The match would be over both Woodpecker and Tanners with Woodpecker being the favoured lake as the carp had been showing a lot over the week.

I drew out peg 1 on Tanners.  Andy, Stafford Moor fishery owner said that the wind was blowing out of the peg and it would be tough for me, but thats the luck of the draw bag.

Peg 1 on Tanners is an end peg, the lake curves around from the left side up to Peg 36.  It was clear that fish were feeding as you could see blowing in the calm water and Chris Haines next to me on peg 3 had mentioned that I would need to chase the fish up that bank.

The Set-up
14.5 metres to the left bank into a part of the bank that was eroded10' Bomb rod with bomb and 8mm Go-Nut pellet11'6" Waggler rod set at 3' depth and banded 8m…

MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival , 1st March 2012

Final day of the MFS Stafford Moor Silvers competition.

I drew peg 30 on Tanners again!  I was a little disappointed as I wanted to fish somewhere else on the lake, but on the up side at least I knew what I was in for and how to fish it. The Set-up 13 metre line - groundbait, caster. dead red maggot 6 metre line - groundbait, caster. dead red maggot Top two for the bush next to me - hand fed with caster After plumbing up the 13 & 6 metre line I had 6 inches difference in depth, so marked the top kit with both depths and would use the same rig, adjusting the depth when changing swims. Steve May had given me some good tips on groundbait to prepare it as sloppy as possible while still holding it’s shape.  It allows the skimmers to feed on it straight away.  So I prepared the groundbait as normal and then in another tub prepared some sloppy groundbait. The All-In I fed two balls of sloppy groundbait with caster and chopped worm on the 13 metre line and also on the 6 metre line.  The aim was to…

MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival , 29th February 2012

Third day of the MFS Silvers Festival at Stafford Moor.  Another open draw so I could be on either Woodpecker or Tanners... In went the hand to the drawbag and out came peg 10 on Woodpeckers.  Peg 10 is know as the swivel peg as there is a large bay behind your seating position.  Andy G advised not trying down there as it was full of carp. John (Redarmy) won from this peg yesterday, would this be a repeat of day one?  Col told me he caught at 14.5 metres straight out on worm, so that would be one line for today. The Set-up 14.5 metre line straight ahead 7 metre line straight ahead 7 metre line at 45 degrees, as advised by Stevie May Top two kit at 45 degrees After plumbing up the 14.5 & 7 metre line straight ahead were the same depth.  The 7 metre line at 45 degrees slightly shallower.  I could not find any features while plumbing around. The All-In Cupping in some worm at 14.5 metres and two balls of groundbait at both the 7 metre swims I went out to the 45 degree swim first.  Baiting wit…