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River Thames, Walton, 10th October 2014

Happy Dangler (Rick) from Match Fishing Scene organised a quick knock up match on the River Thames at Walton on Thames a stretch by Waterside Drive.   Link to the Map .  I arrived to meet Malc, Simon and Shedders.  Having missed my breakfast I decided to call Rick on his "mobile" to ask him to pick up a bacon roll for me.  Two phone calls, nothing. Rick arrived and I asked him whether or not he had received my calls, "no mate", Rick said... on investigation I'd been calling his home phone... oops, hope I didn't wake anybody. Only six of us fishing today, Rick, Shedders, Hathers, Simon Pavey, Toplights and myself so the pegging and the draw was quite a simple one The Draw My draw for the day was peg 4, easy to get too, move the car, unload and walk across the road.  A lovely looking peg with a potential cast into the slack water over by the black barges.  There was some construction work going on the far bank so it wasn't going to be a peaceful d

MFS - Larford Lash Up, 4th October 2014

Always fun sitting in the water... Day 2 and I would be on the match lake at Larford.  The nights events for me were uneventful as I was cream crackered and went to bed at a reasonable hour, that was after an "all-you-can-eat" indian buffet at the hotel.  It was clear that a few people didn't have such an uneventful night, for example, Calum Craig, aka Maver Calum.  He didn't look well and almost missed the draw. Another small match was also booked on the Match lake which was going to make it a full lake.  Some people also volunteered to go back on the Speci lake to make the pegging a little easier. The Draw Peg 8 on the shallow bank would be my home for the day.  Carl was on this peg yesterday and had 80lb so I knew it would be a good area.  It would be a 5 man section and I was at the end of that section with a spare peg to my right.  Ian on my left and Mark on my right. The Set-Up Matt gave me some more helpful advice.  Method, Pellet and Bomb, 13 metre

MFS - Larford Lash Up, 3rd October 2014

My fourth year at the Larford Lash-Up.  This year we stayed at a different hotel to Chateau Disney which gave the event a different feel.  I'd travelled straight from Paris so was pretty knackered by the time I arrived so it was an early night for me, which in turn meant a clear head in the morning ;-) The Draw Names where called for the draw and of course every peg that was drawn there were shouts of, "flyer!".  I pulled out peg 12 on the Burr bank of the Specimen lake which is a great area. Not too long a walk to the peg unlike previous years where I've been on the Chalet bank...  Arriving at my peg I would have Baz Wrexham and Jads for neighbours so I was expecting just a little bit of craic! The Set-Up I'd spoken to Matt and Glen who advised Method feeder at around 25 yards, 5 metre line and the margins later in the match.  So the set-up was as follows: 5 metre line with around 6 feet of depth Margin on the left Method rod Bait for the day was