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MFS - Rolf's Lake, 11th April 2015

Last time I fished Rolf's was back in May 2012, the lure of the large carp this lake holds was too much to resist.  There would be 26 of us fishing today, plenty of regular faces and new ones too, all run by Herbie, he of Stafford Moor, "Herbie is our leader" fame. The weather in the run up to the match had been warm, so the expectation was that the carp would be feeding.  I met up with Shedders at the services for a coffee before heading to the match, it was good to see Herbie, Coling Merce, Doddy and Bilo who where also there. Getting to the fishery, the car park was full which is alway great to see.  Pools money paid and John recommended 4mm pellets as feed and 6mm pellets as hook bait. The Draw More like a scrum is a better way to describe it this morning.  I drew peg 37 which is on the left side of the lake with open water in front of me.  Shedders had mentioned he wouldn't like to draw in that area, luckily he drew peg 40, just run the corner from me.