Renny Lakes, East Harsley, 18th June 2011

Nursing a bit of a hangover from the nights celebrations for Neil's birthday I got to Renny lakes a little later than I wanted too.  I wanted to re-fish the rear lake, but target the first swim on the right hand side of the lake with plenty of margins, an aerator within pole distance and loads of potential.

I was pleasantly surprised that no-one was on the lake at 8am, so I go the swim I was after.

Plumbing up I found a regular depth in both margin swims.  As this would be my nephews first outing I wanted him to catch fish from the off, so I plumbed a swim that utilised just the top two sections of the pole so he wouldn't have to learn how to ship out and back in.

I kicked off the swim with a pot full of pellets and corn, with some good old maggots just to get some action.  I didn't have to wait long.  The first carp took double white maggot, a lovely little stock carp of around 2lb.  They certainly know how to run as the white elastic was out like a shot.

A change to double red and I hooked my first tench, like the previous day, a lovely perfect tench of about 10oz.

The morning past by very quickly and I'd changed to my confidence bait of worm which rewarded me with plenty of nice carp.

Just before lunch, Owen, my nephew arrived with his Grandad Mike.  Now Mike had brought along some provision's that my Mum had packed for us all.  Coffee, Ham sandwiches, chocolate biscuits and bananas.  A very welcome sight to help with the hangover.

We sat Owen down on the box and the top two kit.  I showed him how to plumb the swim.  I hooked on a single white maggot as he didn't really want to do that himself and flicked the rig out.  Feeding half a dozen maggots each cast he soon hooked his first fish, a tiny roach which didn't have any chance of a fight as he pulled the fish straight from the water.

So after hooking the next fish, we played it and I explained the elastic and how it works.  The six or so maggots each cast had the smaller fish up on the top of the water which was an exciting sight for Owen.  I moved all the shot to the float and in his 20 odd put in's we landed 13 nice roach and rudd.

Owen then asked if I could catch him a "big one", so we swapped places and I hooked on a full worm, explaining that it may take a little longer for a bigger fish.  Shipping out to my closest margin swim and potting in some pellets we only had to wait a few minutes before the float buried and out came a nice carp of around a pound.

Owen stayed for a couple of hours but was starting to get more interested in the catapult, so I got him to catapult some feed into the swim, lets just say the feed went everywhere it shouldn't have gone, but he eventually got the hang of it.

After Owen and Mike headed home I rebaited my margin swims and had an enjoyable session, losing four nice fish in the reeds and having the float destroyed on retrieval...

I did notice another float kept on popping up in the reeds and moving across the lake, obviously a fish with a rig... 5 minutes later my float goes and sure enough I've hooked the fish with the tethered rig, hook, line, float, stonfo connector and broken elastic.  I release the fish from the two rigs and put the float in the box.

Packed up after my fourth float was dragged into the reeds, maybe I should have used grey hydroelastic to try and halt the fish sooner...

In the car park, the other guys fishing the lake as me mentioned it looked like I'd had a good day and that he had lost a fish, float and all... turns out the tethered fish was the one he lost so I returned his float to him.

Great days fishing, great little fishery, peace and quiet, hopefully Owen enjoyed it too.  More pictures to follow.

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