How End Fishery, 8th November 2014

That smile says it all!
When a friend asks if he can come fishing with you one day is too good an opportunity to demonstrate that fishing isn't about sitting by a pond, lake or river watching a float sit in the water all day long, but a chance to get someone else interested in the sport, to catch some fish (hopefully) and generally have a laugh along the way.

So when Charlie expressed an interest and I missed his 30th birthday as I was away, yes, you've guessed it, fishing, it was an opportunity I just could not pass up.  So a days fishing was my birthday present to Charlie.

The Venue
I decided to go and see Peb's at How End Fishery in Houghton Conquest, somewhere I've had a few successes, some great laughs and also a blank session!

A quick call to Peb's to check that Yasi's would be free for the day, which is was and to pick a peg that we knew would produce fish on a short pole line, so Peg 11 was mentioned.

So the day was set and after a fantastic year of weather of course it had turned colder the week leading up to our fishing session.  How would this affect the day?

We got to the fishery and met up with Peb's who kindly sorted out some breakfast for us together with the best tactics for the day.  Half a pint of both casters and maggots together with a small pot of worms and we were set.  

The Set Up
Charlie had never fished with a pole before and after Peb's advice I plumbed up a short line at the bottom of the near shelf to target the resident Ide in Yasi's.

The rig was a 0.4g Drennan AS3 on 0.14 main line with a size 16 Kaman F1 hook and 0.12 hook length.

The Session
That first fish moment!
Kicking the swim off with a kinder pot of chopped worm and casters it took about 20 minutes before Charlie gets his fist bite.  To say the strike was a little hard was an understatement... I had put a soft elastic in the pole and the fish was on, for a moment.

It didn't take long for Charlie to finally hook and land his first fish.  A small roach, but what a moment, he was well happy and wanted to catch more and of course a bigger fish.

I was feeding about 5-7 casters every 5 minutes or put in and we started to get some good bites, Charlie's striking was resembling Zoro.  Striking to the left, the right and sometimes straight up.

I think us anglers take for granted how to hold the pole so once we had sorted that out with Charlie his striking became more consistent and he was now hooking some good Ide.

Peb's and Yasi came round to do some maintenance on the far bank but I missed the picture opportunity of Peb's in his little boat, but Yasi was filming just in case he fell in.

As lunchtime came, the bites were a lot more often and Charlie really got into a rhythm, more Ide.  Then he struck into what I think was a carp and off went the elastic to the left and then to the right and the rig got snagged on the aerator, eventually coming back with a rather knackered hook.

A quick hook change and we were back fishing.  Around 2:30pm the rain started and it really poured down and Charlie was getting soaked.  I'd fed all the casters and half of the maggots so I sent Charlie off to the car to keep dry.  I had a quick fish, put an Ide into the net and started to pack up gear.

The rain stopped and Charlie came over for the final catch shot and to help take the gear back to the car.

The Result
A net full of chunky Ide for about 15lb.  Great fishing Charlie, Happy Birthday, glad you enjoyed the day despite the rain!

Charlie, aka Zoro!

Peg 11 on Yasi's


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