Manor Farm Fisheries, Biggleswade, 18th March 2011

Took the day off work and decided to head up to Cambridge from London for a weekend fishing with matey (Mark).

On the way up I chose to visit Manor Farm Fisheries in Biggleswade and tackle the Blunham Lake, one that I've not tried before.

Choice of attack for the session was the Pole and Feeder, here is the set up.

The lake was pretty still, wind wasn't up and it kept on threatening to rain.  The pole line was 10 metres out where the depth was around 6 feet.

The pole line didn't produce anything other than roach.  While fishing I noticed that there was bigger fish crashing out towards the middle of the lake.

I was the only person fishing the lake all day, so after spotting this activity I took out the feeder rod, 6lb mainline with 4lb hooklength of about 18" to a size 14 and put a nice juicey worm on the hook.

Casting to the commotion it took around 20 minutes before the tip wrapped round and I connected with something a little larger than the roach I'd been getting on the pole.  10 minutes later this lovely, estimated, double figure common carp came to the net.

Luckily some lads were walking by at the time and they took the picture for me.  I was over the moon.

So, out with the feeder again, 30 minutes later another nice carp comes to the net, this time a beautiful mirror of around 5lb.

Mark popped by to visit during as he was passing by.  Another carp came to the net although it was only around 1.5lb.

One final carp later in the afternoon and a very successful session a Manor Farm, worm being the killer bait.  A lake to yourself all day, not often that happens.

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