Trinity Lake, The Cut - 1st June 2012

Day 6, our final day's fishing in Ireland and the group had agreed to go back to the cut at Trinity Lake.

We arrived with only a few people on the bank up to the far end, so we easily fitted in our 6 pegs together.

I drew a peg one down from my previous experience on the Cut and knew exactly how to fish it.

The Set-up
Pole only today, just as previously, so it was 12 metres of pole coupled with a very light float to trot down the swim and fish shallow.

The All-In
Feeding cast and trotting the float down the swim it took some time before the first fish was in the net.  In the meantime, both Paul and Fred (who was my partner for the day) were soon ahead of me.  Paul's fish were of good quality.

Eventually my fish started to come, but they were definitely smaller than those Paul was getting and so started a great battle for honours between myself and Paul.  Today would decide the champion with Paul needing to finish two places higher for a win, or one place higher for a draw.

Another tip that Francis had shared with us, was if things were tough, get some sloppy groundbait in the swim to create a cloud which in turn should give the fish more confidence to feed.  Paul was feeding sloppy groundbait, so I followed suit.

As the day past, hybrids were hitting the net, but not in the numbers experienced on the Wednesday.  Paul then hooked a lovely tench and my shoulders sank knowing that the tench would clinch the day.

My final gambit was to cup in a large ball of sloppy groundbait riddled with maggots and casters.  The final hour of the match I hooked two cracking tench first on red maggot hook bait, then the second on a caster.

The fish were in tip top condition, but had I done enough?  Fred had caught consistently through the day, Malcolm, Paul's partner had a large hybrid in the net...

The Result
Fred weighed in 8lb, Malcolm 7lb, so there was a 1lb advantage to myself a Fred.  I weighed in 14lb of fish, so Paul needed 15lb or more to take the win.  The scales settled at 15lb 8oz, so Paul won the day and the individual championship was tied between myself and Paul.

Fishing in Ireland was tough during the week but the final days battle was one of the best I've had.  The cream for me was landing those two beautiful irish tench on very light pole rigs and elastic.

We all celebrated a great week at the Anglers Rest with plenty of Guinness, food and merriment.  What a great bunch of guys to fish with, the criac was brilliant and I was certainly put in my place by my adopted grandfather, Bernard!

I look forward to next year!  Cheers lads!

More Pictures...

Grandfather of the group and his unique style, Bernard!
Cracking Hybrid for Malcom
A lovely Irish tench for Paul
Fred's serious look... he would have a great day!
Malcolm being Malcolm ;-)
Fred's great catch, around alb
At last an Irish Tench, around 3lb

Put your tongue away!
A happy end to a tough weeks fishing, two lovely tench, largest around 4lb


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