MFS - How End Fishery, 9th May 2015

After 2 days at Withy, I was on for another double header weekend of fishing.  First day would be back to Peb's How End Fishery on Yasi's lake.  Traffic wasn't too bad and I was soon at the fishery catching up with all the lads.  Pebs was heading away for the day and Titch was in charge of the shop for the day.  He did a great job despite all the abuse from the lads!

Thanks to my good mate Steve 50-50 for making me a coffee to the disgust of Neil (NS69).  "I love you Lewy", "take me for a ride in your car Lewy", "give me a hug Lewy" Neil was in full on abusive mode , but we all know it's just jealousy ;-)  Only kidding mate, we know you are getting little sleep with the new addition to the house.  So a big congratulations from me to you and Katie!  That girl deserves a medal after the 10lb bruiser she gave birth too x

The Draw
Peg 3 was my lucky draw for the day and my neighbours would be Ricky and Ben.  I felt this was a good draw, the wind didn't appear too bad which would change through the match.

The Set-Up
Pole lines only today targeting the following areas:
  • Far shelf
  • Part way down the far and near shelf
  • Margin line on the left
I like How End as it tends to be mainly natural baits, as such my bait list was mixed red/white maggots, casters, worms, together with some expanders as a bait change.

The water level was down on Yasi's as such the far shelf depth was only around 6 inches.  The weather had been pretty good so I felt there would be plenty of the lakes Ide to target in this area, so I started with a kinder pot of chopped worm about a metre away from the far bank, still in the shallow water with a section of worm on the hook.

30 seconds later, the first Ide was in the net.  The first two hours, working the far bank I was netting fish on a regular basis, mainly Ide with the occasional bonus carp in the mix.  I had definitely pulled a lead on both Ben and Ricky both in my section.

It started to rain and the lake seemed to turn off instantly.  The wind became more troublesome too...  The far shelf line wasn't producing any bites so I switched to the margin line by kicking it off with a cup full of chopped worm.

While it was still raining, no bites, but once the rain had gone my float shot under and a lovely barbel was stretching the black hydroelastic.  The barbel in Yasi's are really tough to get off the bottom, so a short fight ensued before I managed to net the fish.  Back over the margin line and 3 more barbel in the net together with a nice carp.

Ricky and Ben were catching, Ben netting some lovely carp from the far bank, Ricky getting fish at his feet on paste.

I was starting to struggle and was chopping and changing between all three lines with little success.

The final 2 hours were a nightmare, I hooked and lost two barbel from my margin line and could not buy a bite on the far shelf or part way down it as such remained fishless while Ben and Rick were catching on a regular basis.  The all-out was called and I knew that I had been beaten, by how much was the question.

36lb 12oz, second last in section!  Battered both sides by Ben and Ricky.

Full Results
1st Josh Peg 15 89-12 (53-12 carp - 36-0 Ide/Barbel)
2nd Happydangler Peg 2 62-12 (50-0 carp - 12-12 Ide/Barbel)
3rd Gooner peg 1 58-7 (49-6 carp - 9-1 ide/barbel)

Section 1
p1 gooner 58-7
p2 happydangler 62-12
p3 lewy 36-12
p5 big ben 53-8
p15 shuar 89-12
p16 colbrad 35-8
p17 simonpavey 44-12

Section 2
p6 mr bald 50-0
p7 doddy 20-12
p9 ns69 41-4
p10 carlostam85 26-4
p11 steve50-50 21-0
p12 large16 29-10
p13 pikey 37-8

Should I have concentrated on one line rather than chopping and changing?  I'm not sure.  Weights in the other sections were quite mixed with both Car and Steve struggling from know hot areas.  It was an odd day at How End, but still enjoyable.  I think the next time I'm here is for the 2 day event which is always a great weekend!

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