Carrs Angling Lakes, 23rd September 2012

Deciding to fish locally again this weekend and reviewing the Carrs Angling Lakes website I noted they have a regular Saturday match.  The fishery is 10 minutes from my home so it wasn't an early start and I arrived at the fishery for 9:15am.  Worryingly there were very few cars in the car park and nobody milling about who looked like they would be fishing a match.  So with no match on, I thought lets have a change from the carp lakes and try out Carr's Silver Lake.

The weather had taken a change and there was frost on the ground for the first time this year.

I chose peg 12 on the Silver lake which gave me an option to fish both the cut between the island with 13 metres and also the open water ahead with 6 metres.

Bait for the day, micro pellets, red and white maggots, 4.5mm and 6mm expander pellets.

Plumbing up the swim between the islands it started to get deeper the further out you went.  Speaking to the owners son there is a 6 foot deep hole between the islands, but that would have been at 16 metres and a pleasure session isn't fishing at 16 metres!  So I quickly found a 3 foot deep flat area which had the benefit of some lilies and some open water.

With the frosty morning I decided to feed quite negatively, so it was a pinch of maggots and micro pellets to kick start the swim, flicking over 3-4 maggots with the catapult until the first fish was in the net.  The first silver fell to a humble red maggot.

It took about 30 minutes before the bites started on a regular basis.  I was kinder potting a pinch of maggots and micro pellets every couple of fish.

The sport was varied and interesting to the point that you never knew what fish would be on the hook next.  You could tell the jagged pull of a crucian carp and the deep runs of the small soap bar tench.  It wasn't long before the skimmers closed in and skimmer after skimmer came to the net.

You cannot beat a small tench like this!
After about 3 hours the 13 metre swim started to die off, so I started a new swim at 6 metres using the same approach, potting in maggots and micro pellets, it didn't take long for some more silvers in the net.

After 4 hours I decided to call it a day on my short session out on the bank.

A nice net of crucian carp, some tench, roach, rudd and skimmers.  I didn't weigh the fish, but estimate between 5-7lb, not bad for a quick 4 hour session.


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