BBC2 - The Big Fish

Fellow anglers,

The BBC have announced a new program called, "The Big Fish".

"This exciting new format for BBC Two will see anglers from across the country testing their skills in some of the most stunning and challenging environments around the world." - Kim Shillinglaw, Controller, BBC Two

Further release information here:

Filming will be April, May, June 2015 in overseas locations.

I've certainly filled out an application!  Here is your chance to "be on a show, so go get your applications in by following the link below:

Good luck,

**UPDATE: I got through the interview process and the filmed interviews, unfortunately never made the final audition...

Good luck to those Anglers on the show, I'm looking forward to watching it.


patrick morrow said…
I wonder where I have been living? Haven`t even heard about this kinda contest. Will sure fill out application too. Changes may be low, but you never know..

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