How End Fishery, 7th December 2014

Dani's - Peg 4
With Christmas approaching and the weather starting to really turn wintry I was itching to get out on the bank again.  A quick call to Phil at How End Fishery to find out if there were any open matches available and he mentioned his club, Kingfisher AC where having a winter league competition on Sunday.

I know quite a few of the lads who would be fishing and they kindly let me join in on the action.  Saturday morning brought the first frost in winter and Sunday morning while not frosty was pretty cold.  The journey from London to How End was pretty quick at early o'clock on Sunday and I was quickly greeted or maybe abused by the lads who were already there.  

The Draw
Today we would be fishing Dani's lake.  The wind was pretty strong and the clouds were not looking inviting.  So where would I be today?  The hand reached into the Puma trainer bag and pulled out Peg 4, probably one of the easiest pegs to get to from the car park.

The Set-Up
Setting up the wind was blowing from left to right across me, so a long pole line could be difficult today.  Initially I didn't feel I needed to set up a rod to reach the far bank as it was cold and I didn't feel the fish would be in the shallow water.  So I set up two pole lines:
  • 13 metres
  • 6 metres
With it being winter I changed the rigs to 0.14 and used 0.12 hooklengths.  Bait consisted of Maggot (red and white), casters and a small tub of worms.

Fishing 10am-3pm, plenty of time to set up and fine tune the rigs, the wind however was cause for concern, so after 10 minutes I went and set up a bomb rod with a small bomb and long 0.12 hooklength, just in case.

After 20 minutes of the pole being blown around and trying to kinder pot in my chopped worm and caster the float dipped and a small roach was in the net.  It's great to see the fish have been breading at How End and these fish show how the fishery is really thriving!

Trying the close line, nothing and the tow was pulling the float against the wind.  Adding some depth the float stayed still but the wind and the waves made it tough to fish.  Out with the bomb rod and baiting with a single red maggot over to the far bank casting to the shelf but not on it in the shallow water.

Phil came over to see the lads and mentioned to me that the bomb line comes alive when the sun heats the shallow water.  So far the sun hadn't made an appearance, but when it did, guess what?  My tip zips round and a lovely small carp was in the net.

My peg had a small bay between the reeds.  Casting on the left side produced no bites, but the right hand side produced the bites.  In the next hour I landed two more carp and some small roach.

With the sun disappeared, so did the bites!  Heading back on the short line, one more small fish.  The final hour I stayed on the tip and landed one more carp and also a bonus chub.

Other anglers had struggled on the lake and it was looking good for me, but only the weigh in would give the result away.

7lb 11oz for me which was enough to take the Lake win!

Big thanks to the lads in Kingfisher Angling Club for letting me fish.  It was certainly a hard day at How End Fishery!

It was a cold day and it certainly showed in the results.  A negative feeding approach was needed.  In fact I managed most of my weight from a line that wasn't fed at all!

Trev "Postman Pat" Price


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