How End Fishery - 2 Dayer, 4th August 2018

2 years have past since I last fished the 2 Dayer at Phil and Tarnya's place, How End Fisheries.
I was certainly looking forward to the weekend after reading about the every increasing weights coming out of both Yasi's and Dani's lakes.

Random draw for partners this weekend however that would be after the main draw had taken place.  As the lakes where closed for the weekend fishing was 1130-1730 and the sun was beating down on us.

Plenty of banter in the club house and great to catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones too.

The Draw
The big red bag produced Dani's Peg 18 today which was a very good draw according to the locals.

Plenty of local knowledge to help out too especially as it had been sometime since I was fishing a match here.  The best advice from Darren James, aka "Parker" to Lady Carla.

Neighbour for the day would be the lovely Kathy and we would be the only two on this side of Dani's.

I'd been given some advice about the right hand margin however I needed to setup just in case this option didn't work.  The pellet waggler clipped up to the reed line on the island.  Pole lines:
  • Shallow rig
  • Full depth rig on the near shelf
  • Margin rig
Bait for Dani's, pellet, pellet and more pellet, maybe a bit of corn too.  I mixed up some maggot groundbait for the edge too.
The tip for the right hand margin was to position my keepnets as fair left as possible.  With a 50lb net limit in place the clickers came out of the bag and I grabbed 6 keepnets from the trailer, positioning 4 of them to the extreme left.

Well the match plan was very simple and the advice was to check the right hand margin on my top two straight away.  So as instructed, I threw down some 4mm pellets and with a banded 6mm pellet fished the margin with the float dancing around instantly.  The fish were here and in reality the blog of this day ends here...

You can see the clouds of mud..
Ok, not quite.  I was into a fish straight from the off and it was clear that there was plenty of fish in the area.  Feeding 4mm pellets every few minutes and also when I'd just hooked a fish was the key to keeping them coming.

I eventually realised that I needed to position my float hard up against the mud bank to ensure I didn't get any foul hooked fish and also to show when it was a true bite rather than a fish bumping into the line.

As the day went on I was putting plenty of fish in the net and when the clicker hit 45, I moved to the next net.  Potting in groundbait had a strange effect, the fish would simply waft it everywhere and the thousands of fry in the lake would swarm the margin.  You could also see the perch diving into the bait ball of fry.  After a ball of groundbait the large carp would show themselves and come up shallow sucking against the mud bank which didn't help me catch them.

The best option was most definitely 4mm pellets and laying the rig in pulling tight up the bank, fishing slightly over depth.  You didn't really see the bites, the elastic just ripped off.

Mid way through the match I had a breakage, not a rig breakage more of a carbon one.  I was netting a fish, the hook pulled and with it the top kit cam back towards my knee breaking it just below my hand... never mind, there was a spare in the bag and I was all set to go in minutes.

I did go through quite a few hook lengths after the band broke and I did try a double sweetcorn hook bait however bites didn't seem as quick as the 6mm pellet.

The all-out was called however Doug and Paul on the early pegs had been catching well in their margins, how had I done?  I had approx 150lb on the clicker with the exception of my silvers net.

161lb 8oz for lake 4th, just missing out on third by 4lb!  Taking an all important nugget back from my "new best mate" Neil.

Top advice from Mr James regarding keep net position and fishing the right hand margin it certainly produced the goods.  No point in leaving feeding fish.  With the exception of two 25 minute spells during the day it was a fish a chuck and only a couple of foul hookers.  I could have improved if I had pulled the rig to the mud line straight away to snatch a few more fish.

How End, really producing the weights with Paul putting an impressive 213lb 12oz on the scales for the lake win!

More Pictures...

A new record Grass Carp at 7lb

One of the larger fish, 10lb common caught by Pebs


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