How End Fishery - 2 Dayer, 5th August 2018

After a great nights entertainment consisting of beer, bbq and many laughs, mainly at Mr James around the table and a night on the sofa I was up early for another day at How End.  Breakfast was a quick run to the village shop to stock up on provisions and most importantly water!

Remember Darren to check the bottle of gin to see whether it's neat or premixed... here end the lesson.

Today I'd be on Yasi's and to be honest a lake I enjoy more than Dani's.  The weights on Yasi's yesterday had been quite up and down and one area that I didn't want to end up on was peg 1.

The Draw
Third last out of the drawbag and I just knew that I was getting Peg 1, not really where I wanted to be if I'm brutally honest however today Pebs had repegged the match as one of the lads had to head home.  Peg 1 it turned out now had a free peg either side of it.

No rods, all pole and a different choice of bait today.  So the lines where quite simple.
  • Shallow rig
  • Rig to the island just down the shelf
  • Margin rig to cover both left and right hand sides
Bait was more of a natural choice, casters, maggots, sweetcorn and of course I had some pellets from the previous day.

My match plan was to fish over to the island grabbing fish from a few areas and then of course trying to plunder the margins.  The shallow rig was there for the ide in case I wasn't having much luck.

I'd mixed up some chopped worm and caster and went over dropping it from a height and lowering the worm hook bait down into the cloud.  A few knocks on the float after around 5 minutes of lifting and dropping and then fish on a nice snarly carp.

After the first 30 minutes I had 20lb on the clicker of carp from the island line.  It then died and I started to catch some silvers including the lakes resident ide which are getting a lot bigger.

The first 90 minutes shipping over with chopped worm was getting me fish however mainly silvers now and I'd tried a number of different positions across as I had the space.

Doug was my closest neighbour on Peg 16 and he was catching very close in so I decided to have a look in my right hand margin, back on the top two again.  It didn't take long for a cracking barbel to grace the net.  These fish have really grown!

The right hand margin was where I stayed until the last hour of the match, feeding caster and fishing a 6mm banded pellet the fish just kept on coming.  I'd fed 4 pints of casters and was running out of options.

I could see that Doug was catching and some big fish so I knew I was behind.  I really could not see what the other anglers on the lake were getting so had no idea of my position.

The right hand line was slowing down and I'd started to throw some dead reds into the left hand margin.  Disaster, they were floating!  Very quickly there was a ball of carp slurping up the floating maggots, so I dumped two hand fulls of pellets and they disappeared.  Going over the left hand margin I was into a carp straight away.  A barbel soon followed the carp and I fed live maggots on this line sticking with banded 6mm pellet before the all out was called.

123lb 6oz for lake 2nd!  Getting pipped to the post by Doug
4th individual
2nd in the pairs

What a day and goes to show what a difference it makes when Peg 1 has some room either side of it.  My remaining thoughts where should I have gone in the margins from the off as I did the previous day.

How End just going from strength to strength! Weights on the up.  Big thanks to Phil and Tarnya for a great weekend!

Taking another golden nugget from my new best mate, however a golden nugget with a twist... see the picture below...

No longer legal tender pal!


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