Fish O Mania 2012 - the lottery results

**Update with tickets received

Today marks the first day Anglers who are members of the Angling Trust can apply for Fish O Mania 2012 tickets.

It is a random computerised draw which closes on the 7th February 2012 at 1600.  After that date the Angling Trust will inform you whether or not you get allocated the tickets you have applied for, so the more the apply for the better your chances. 

I decided to apply for match dates I knew I could attend, so I applied for the following:
  • Gold Valley - Failed
  • Messingham Sands - Failed
  • The Oaks, Sessay - Failed
  • Lindholme Lakes - Successful
Entry to each match is £25.  Good luck to all the anglers around the country who are applying for tickets and maybe I'll see you on the bank.



To join the Angling Trust, follow this link: the Angling Trust

You can start the entry process by following this link:

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