MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 3rd March 2016

Today I was looking forward to fishing Tanners.  The weather was a lot better today, calm, sunshine a far cry from yesterdays horrid day.

The Draw
Peg 11 today, a very short walk from the Lodge of Plenty, neighbours for the day Colbrad and Col K.

6 and 12 metre pole lines.  The waggler rod came out too.  I had swims in front on me and also margin swims to my right and a tree line pointing towards peg 12.

The long pole line was fed with two balls of groundbait.  A small cup of chopped worm on the tree margin line.  I kicked off the 6 metre line with a nugget of groundbait with single red maggot.

As previous days I could not get the short line working at all... so I had a quick look on the tree margin line, float dipped and fish on... another big carp which ended up in the net after about 10 minutes.

Col K hooked a landed a large bream, around 3lb in weight on the waggler.

Colbrad was also fishing the waggler and getting a few fish, so I followed there lead and went out on the waggler at around 20 metres.  Pinging some casters over the line, I was picking up some small roach.

The waggler was set around a foot over depth.  It was a beautiful day in total contrast from yesterday, although the sunlight was hampering me seeing the float.

I certainly didn't miss the massive lift bite, which came from the next large carp!  It is great playing a large fish on a 13 foot waggler rod, invoking memories of fishing as a youth.

I continued on the waggler for the rest of the match getting some better fish on double red maggot.  Pinging casters over the line.  A few more carp among the silvers.

The final hour provided some larger skimmers, netting 3 better fish before the final whistle.

The Result
8lb for a mid section result.  I did think I had a larger weight...

Another great day fishing the waggler, Colbrad battered me with some great waggler fishing netting a few tench and some nice roach too.

The final hour certainly helped me when the bigger fish came on the feed.


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