Blue Bell Lakes, 25th August 2016

Getting back into fishing with Mark we had decided that a few days of match fishing and a day of big carp fishing.  We decided to try Blue Bell Lakes again, mainly due to the shop on-site and it's locality to Mark.

I'd packed the Carp gear, but to be honest, not checked everything as I was confident it was all in the rod bag and haversack.

We picked Blue Bell Lake and swims close to where we fished it before with the willow trees opposite.

I thought I'd packed well, but the first thing I couldn't find was the rod pod!  With the weather I opted for a zig rig on one carp rod and seeing the large shoal of bream I broke out the pellet waggler rod.

Well, before the all-in we could not find the landing net handle, so off to the shop and Mark purchased a new net and handle... more about this later.

I cast the zig rig to the centre of the lake and the plan was to leave it for an hour.  Meantime I was pinging 8mm pellets to the large shoal of bream trying to snare one on the pellet waggler.

There were 3 guys who had been at the lake all week, one of them came over for a chat.  They had seen plenty of fish but hadn't had any runs or fish!

Today could be a long day!  I was on the pellet waggler for around an hour and finally I hooked a bream!  It was my turn to call for the net boy!

The fish came in without any issues and after weighing it, a new personal best, only 5lb 6oz, but a PB is a PB!

I had a few knocks on the zig, which were clearly line bites.  Re-casting the zig rig further towards the willow trees as plenty of large carp were crashing over there.

I fished the pellet waggler for the whole day, but unfortunately no more bream.

Mark in the meantime hadn't had any bites either.  It was a lovely relaxing day, but no fish came out.

As bream didn't count today, no carp it was called a draw today.

The massive shoal of bream cruising up and down was just too tempting.  Pellet waggler tactics worked and proved a good distraction while waiting for any carp.  The only problem is that I only had one carp rod out at a time.

Still another day of learning.  Tomorrow it would be back to carp on the pole at Kingsland!

New PB!!!


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