MFS - Munkees vs Shandies, The Glebe, 9th September 2016

Day 2 and I'd had a quiet night with the Mercers, Daddy May, Ben and Chris Martin which of course I received abuse for at the draw for "not being social" and missing the Longshoot drinks!  Typical, but at least I didn't have a bad head! ;-)

Today was the pairs event, it would be myself and Scone vs Hathers and Pikey!

The Draw
Pool 4, where nobody wanted to be and I had the end peg 75 where Russ Shipton was on the previous day.

I had Pikey as a neighbour for the day.

Feeder line to the far bank, pole line at 5 metres and down the right hand margin.

The wind was blowing away from this peg and I was faced with flat water, with the all-in I went straight on the feeder line, feeling pretty confident after the previous day.

Second put in on the feeder and I had a fish in the net, maybe today wasn't going to be too bad after all?  Well, after the first hour I had two fish in the net... oh dear.

Pikey wasn't fairing so well either with only one fish to his name.

Hour 2, was even worse with nothing at all.  I was chopping and changing my feeder line, 5 metre and margin line in an attempt to get a bite.  Pikey I think still only had one fish.

Hour 3, I hooked two more fish on the feeder which magically managed to snag me up on my keep nets.  It's amazing how a fish can hook you up on a snag or your keep nets.  These two fish would cost me!

Hour 4 and 5, I managed a larger carp from the feeder line which gave me some confidence.  I also had some silvers, mainly Perch from the margins, just as Russ had the day before.

The final hour, Pikey started coming back at me (as he does).  I managed a total of 6 carp and some silvers.  We know that Sconey had caught a rather large carp and that Hathers was admitting defeat.  Had I beaten Pikey for a Munkee point?

20lb 4oz and again being beaten by Pikey who had 27lb!  This turned into a Munkee vs Shandee tie!

Overall Result
Munkees are still in the lead, just 9.5 vs 8.5!

When Roy Marlow says, "you don't want to be on this peg" you know that it's not a great area!  My parting words where, "please don't let me be on Pool 4 tomorrow".  I'd be eating those words tomorrow!

More Pictures...
My nemisis


Oh dear!

A mix of a horse and a dog... (in the background, not Sconey)


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