MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 3rd March 2015

After another surprisingly quiet night it was up early ready for a day on Tanners.  All of the Lodge of Plenty where hoping for a draw right outside Hollywood Lodge both in case the weather turned bad and also for the short walk to the peg.

The Draw
A very organised draw by Herbie, my spot for the day would be peg 35 on tanners, one off the flyer, but I was confident when arriving at the peg.

The Set-up
With the weather forecasting wind, I had plenty of open water in front of me so I broke out the rods, a feeder and waggler rod where the weapons of choice.

I also setup two 13 metre pole lines in case the weather was kind.

Bait again was dead reds, pellets and groundbait.

The All-In
My match plan was to feed both 13 metre poles lines negatively, one with micro pellets, the other with a ball of groundbait with no loose offers.

I clipped the feeder up to fish the same line as the waggler.  The feeder was a small cage feeder with groundbait and double dead red on the hook.  The first hour passed by very quickly but I had only one small skimmer in the net.

76 Trombones... loving the weather!
The weather decided to throw snow and wind at us… horrid weather, so I stuck it out on the tip for the next hour.  A few more small skimmers and roach where in the keepnet.

Finally, the sun came out, the sky cleared and the wind dropped.  Pole time I thought.  Straight over the pellet line I hooked and landed a beautiful golden tench.  A few more skimmers and the wind started up again making it very difficult to present your rig.

Picking up the waggler which was set about a foot over depth it slowly moved through the swim.  This attempt gave me another 6 small fish.

The final two hours I spent on the tip, twitching the bait after 5 minutes each cast.  Finally, a large skimmer came to the net, it was a welcome sight.  Taking some more fish on the tip, the all out was called.

Had I done enough to get a placing in the section.  Chris Martin, my neighbour for the day had “bagged” up on peg 36 for 14l odd.  The rumour down the bank was that Shedders had a large tench and big perch in the net…  we would soon find out.

The Result
6lb 2oz for second last in section, getting knocked out by Carpy Marty in the knock out competition.

Link to Stafford Moors Results Pages


Another tough day and a bad result for me, dishing out more lodge pounds to Shedders and Animal.  At least I managed to beat Colin and claim a quid of my own!


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