MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 6th March 2015

A very heavy night in the Lodge.  The tequila came out and it proved my undoing.  To say I was a bit rough was an understatement!

The Draw
Open draw today, I took out peg 14 on Pines, aka the Fridge as no sun hits the bank and it’s pretty cold all day long.

The Set-up
Speaking to Andy G who fished the peg yesterday he told me to fish 14 metres on the right in the white water, so I set up two rigs that let me fish 14 and up to 16 metres on that line.

Red maggots, worms, casters and groundbait was my bait for the day.

The All-In
I cupped in some wetted groundbait together with chopped worm and caster and went straight over the line with a single red maggot.  Bites were instant!  A small roach straight in the net.  This form continued for an an hour which while welcome is tough work when shipping 14 metres for a very small fish.

I topped up the line and nipped back to the lodge to use the "facilities".  I was gone for around 20 minutes and arriving back at my peg my first fish was a skimmer, which was a lot more welcome than the small roach.

A few more skimmers and the roach returned.  With a couple of hours left I decided to switch to worm as hook bait.  The bites took longer, but the fish were of a better stamp.  Of course I hooked the inevitable carp with a longer hook bait.  It still amazes me how we land these large fish on the lightest of gear.

Chris Martin came for a walk around as his peg on Woodpeckers was not producing, float dipped and fish on... another carp we both thought, but it turned out to be a large skimmer that was foul hooked in the fin.  Bonus!

5 tench came to the net, including a beautiful golden one.  The all out was called, I certainly didn't feel as I'd won the section, but was very surprised at the result...

The Result
11lb 3oz for a section 3rd and still no money for the Lodge pot.

Link to Stafford Moors Results page

The switch to worm proved the right decision, a few more large skimmers and I may have pinched section second from Jamie.

Stafford Moor's new owners, Jo and Paul

While we all missed Andy Seery, Jo and Paul have brought a breathe of fresh air to the fishery.

The weight in's were speedy and well executed, Jo and Paul are a very friendly couple who have put a lot of energy and effort into Stafford Moor and it's certainly paying off.

The lodges have been going through a refurbishment and they do look excellent!

Opening up Emily's and Sophie's as two extra lakes that we had not fished before was a great change to our normal Tanners, Woodpeckers and Pines.

Jo bringing us all cookies in the shape of a fish was excellent and very welcome!

Paul last fished in Ireland sometime ago and is looking forward to updating his gear and getting on the bank.  We hope you can fish with the MFS boys Paul.

I'm looking forward to seeing them both hopefully before the 2016 Silvers festival!  Keep up the great work guys and thank you.

Link to the MFS Silvers Festival, as taken by Jo and Paul


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