MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 25th February 2014

Day 2 of the festival and the weather this morning looked like it would be a nice day. The Lodge of Plenty hosted most of the lads last night, although I managed to get to bed just after midnight. Col cooked up a cracking lamb curry. Andy G provided the entertainment as per usual with his impressions of everyone and trying most of the drinks on the table!

The Draw
I would be fishing Woodpeckers today which had fished hard yesterday. Getting to the draw I pulled out Peg 16, a very easy walk from the car park. Col, aka Billy No Fish (BNF) pulled out 12 meaning he would be next to me and I had a chance of getting my second red shirt! Other lads in the same section were Herbie, Jamie (ASBO Twin) and Kenfish.

The Set-Up
I spoke to Tonkin Tommy who had drawn Peg 16 yesterday. The pole lines would be:
  • 13 metres at 2 o’clock pointing to the island
  • 13 metres straight ahead
  • 5 metre line straight ahead, opposite a stump in the water 
I had decided to adopt a different feeding approach today after watching Jamie yesterday which consisted of dampened micro pellets which I would fish either 4mm expander pellets or double dead reds. The 5 metre swim would be fed by caster with a live red maggot as hookbait.

The All-In
On the whistle I went across to the 2 o’clock swim, kinder cupped in a nugget of micro pellets and lowered the double dead red bait down. I was using the ’99’ lift rig and it didn’t take long before it raised out of the water and the first fish was on.

Over the first hour I fished out the swim which gave me 10 skimmers and a bonus tench. I potted in another nugget of micros and left the swim to settle moving on the other 13 metre line straight ahead following the same feeding pattern. Taking 5-6 skimmers from this swim the wind got up and I decided to try the 5 metre line.

Hour 3 and the 5 metre line was producing some nice roach including a bonus larger skimmer until it died off.

Back on the 2 o’clock line my first fish was a carp which lead me a merry dance for 10 minutes until the rig broke. A quick re-tackle and back over the line. I was happily rotating all the lines and producing some fish although the bigger skimmers never come on the line despite pushing the rig to 14metres.

The 5 metre line was to throw up a few surprises in the shape of some bonus tench including a lovely gold tench. With 5 minutes to go I stayed on the 5 metre line, single red maggot hook bait and the float dipped. I thought I’d hooked a carp in the final minutes. The whistle went and after a few more minutes a big stripy Perch popped up which took me by surprise.

I had done enough to beat Colin and avoid the dreaded red t-shirt.

The Result
21lb 7oz, section 2nd and a new personal best Perch of 3lb 1oz

Great advice from Tonkin Tommy and the micro pellet feed approach worked on the day. Mixing between pellets and dead reds on the long line produced for me. I had hoped to get a good Perch while at Stafford Moor and I succeeded with a new PB Perch of over 3lb…. just! Tomorrow on Tanners lake…. maybe the waggler rod might get an airing!

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